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Blackstone Property Partners Europe Holdings S.à r.l. (“BPPEH”) invests in high-quality, substantially stabilised real estate assets across Europe. Investments are concentrated primarily in the logistics, residential and office sectors, with a focus on major European markets and key gateway cities. BPPEH is 100% owned by Blackstone Property Partners Europe, which is part of Blackstone’s Core+ investment strategy. Blackstone is the largest owner of commercial real estate globally.

Large Diversified Portfolio


gross asset value(1)



Substantially Stabilized Assets





Solid Capital Structure


net LTV


S&P credit rating

Portfolio Summary

GAV by Sector(1)(3)

GAV by Geography(1)(4)

Note: All metrics as of 31 December 2022. Forward funded assets are excluded from operational metrics but included in GAV and number of properties. Totals may not sum due to rounding.

(1) GAV is gross asset value, calculated as the total market value of the properties under management, including the total value of related equity and debt positions as well as joint venture and co-ownership positions.

(2) Excludes residential assets.

(3) Other includes one leasehold interest in a 5-star hotel in central Milan, one mixed-use asset in central Turin and one development asset in central Milan.

(4) Nordics includes Sweden (6%), Denmark (3%), Norway (<1%) and Finland (<1%). Other includes Switzerland (<1%) and Greece (<1%).

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