Each document speaks only as of its date and may be superseded by later information provided by BPPEH from time to time. BPPEH undertakes no obligation to update any statements contained in these documents. The securities issued by BPPEH from time to time pursuant to its EMTN programme may not be sold within the U.S. or to U.S. persons, absent an exemption.

DocumentDocument TypeDate FiledView
S&P Report (May-2024)Rating Agency ReportsMay 2024DOWNLOAD
Investor Presentation (Apr-2024)Investor PresentationsApril 2024DOWNLOAD
2023 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsApril 2024DOWNLOAD
Tender Offer Results AnnouncementEMTN ProgrammeJanuary 2024DOWNLOAD
Tender Offer Launch AnnouncementEMTN ProgrammeJanuary 2024DOWNLOAD
Offering Circular Second SupplementOffering CircularJanuary 2024DOWNLOAD
Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating Summary ReportESG DocumentsJanuary 2024DOWNLOAD
Offering Circular First SupplementOffering CircularDecember 2023DOWNLOAD
Investor Presentation (Oct-2023)Investor PresentationsOctober 2023DOWNLOAD
2023 Half Year ReportHalf Year ReportsSeptember 2023DOWNLOAD
Offering CircularOffering CircularSeptember 2023DOWNLOAD
Investor Presentation (Mar-2023)Investor PresentationsMarch 2023DOWNLOAD
2022 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsMarch 2023DOWNLOAD
Investor Presentation (Sep-2022)Investor PresentationsSeptember 2022DOWNLOAD
2022 Half Year ReportHalf Year ReportsSeptember 2022DOWNLOAD
Notice of Redemption (€600m 1.400% Notes due Jul-2022)EMTN ProgrammeApril 2022DOWNLOAD
Investor Presentation (Apr-2022)Investor PresentationsApril 2022DOWNLOAD
2021 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsApril 2022DOWNLOAD
Investor Presentation (Oct-2021)Investor PresentationsOctober 2021DOWNLOAD
2021 Half Year ReportHalf Year ReportsSeptember 2021DOWNLOAD
Investor Presentation (Jun-2021)Investor PresentationsJune 2021DOWNLOAD
Investor Presentation (Mar-2021)Investor PresentationsMarch 2021DOWNLOAD
2020 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsMarch 2021DOWNLOAD
Green Financing FrameworkESG DocumentsMarch 2021DOWNLOAD
Green Financing Framework Second-Party OpinionESG DocumentsMarch 2021DOWNLOAD
2020 Morgan Stanley RE ConferenceInvestor PresentationsOctober 2020DOWNLOAD
2020 Half Year ReportHalf Year ReportsSeptember 2020DOWNLOAD
Investor Presentation (Apr-2020)Investor PresentationsApril 2020DOWNLOAD
2019 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsApril 2020DOWNLOAD
2019 Morgan Stanley RE ConferenceInvestor PresentationsSeptember 2019DOWNLOAD
2019 Half Year ReportHalf Year ReportsAugust 2019DOWNLOAD
Investor Presentation (May-2019)Investor PresentationsMay 2019DOWNLOAD
2018 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsApril 2019DOWNLOAD

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